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This is the highest monthly close ever February and beyond is going to be one hell of a month for altcoins. This chart speaks for itself.

 So if you're interested in making money in cryptocurrency and you want to stay up to the date on a daily basis, and here today news is on my top six coins in February specifically that I think are about to explode I'm going to back it up with reasoning I'm going to back it up with data.

coin number one Forever and always is Bitcoin, guys, do not sleep on Bitcoin, the floodgates are open, money is about to start pouring into bitcoin, it will not be below 40,000 forever, check out some of these metrics, our Bitcoin has spiked like crazy we've never seen this much interest for more precise data so this is how you should think about it until last week our Bitcoin subreddit.

I know it's hard to imagine Bitcoin at higher prices because we've never seen it before. But what is the fair value of Bitcoin well? Roll Paul's global macro investor report estimates bitcoins fair value will be at $300,000 by October of this year, this isn't just a whim of his.

This is backed up by Metcalfe's law bitcoins network is growing so much if you know about Metcalfe's law, you know, that 300,000 per Bitcoin by October is not out of the question and although Bitcoin is in chop solid action at the moment.

According to unchained expert, Willy woo that's not going to last for long with the current flows of capital coming into bitcoin, The consolidation floor is expected to be 29,000 on daily closes. This is of course short of a black swan event which could, you know, obviously, if you know this is a risky risky market guys so make your own decisions never invest more than you're willing to lose upper bounds local upper bounds for Bitcoin at the moment would be 56,000 and quickly rising, each and every day. So, do not sleep on Bitcoin guys and with that being said let's move on to point number two, do not sleep on ethereum.

ethereum is price passes, another milestone at ethereum just logged now 28 straight days with the closing price above, 1000, a theorem is consolidating near its highs.

When this happened with Bitcoin Bitcoin shot from 19,000 to 42,000. Yes, it's possible; he could see you know a pullback shake some people out. But I think, cerium is about to blow I mean, its highest monthly close, ever. This chart speaks for itself. coin number three on our list is the native token for the decentralized exchange uniswap, Robin Hood has been giving decentralized exchanges free advertising on a global level, people are starting to realize the benefits of a decentralized exchange and with uniswap logging more than 30 billion in January.

I think it's about to have its best month, ever. This is the current price chart, it's at all time highs guys I think the trend is your friend. How can you not be bullish on decentralized exchanges coin number four sushi swap sushi swap is actually eating into uniswap market share, following the urine merger. So, if you're bullish on uniswap which is hitting all time highs.

Why wouldn't you be bullish on sushi swap since merging into the urine ecosystem. The sometimes controversial decentralized exchange of sushi swap has been consistently eating into uniswap dominance of this sector, on January 29 so pretty recently a message researcher tweeted out data illustrating that uniswap share of the automated market maker sector has declined versus sushi with sushi shares expanding from mid-December until last week.

So you can see that interest in sushi is also at all time highs trending up.

I think there's a lot of reason to be bullish on decentralized exchanges and decentralized finance in general. injective protocols make number five on our list decentralized derivatives trading any market. Any time, anywhere.

 So, amid the Robin Hood backlash. Again, this is the catalyst that will make people interested in finding alternatives injective protocol launches the world's first-ever decentralized commission-free Game Stop futures trading and if you're unfamiliar with injective protocol layer two decentralized exchange protocol that unlocks the full potential of decentralized derivatives and borderless defy injective protocol enables fully decentralized trading without any restrictions, allowing individuals to trade on any derivatives market of their choosing.

the injective protocol was incubated by Binance Labs and backed by 3 million in funding from Pantera by Nance hashed and other notable investors. So, injective sushi uniswap I'm bullish on all three of those, at the moment, coin number six on our list today is cardano.

They have some major news actually happening in two months, I think this is going to be a great opportunity to buy the rumor sell the news in that I think Cardano is going to see a price run-up I'm bullish on Cardano in the short to mid-term. So in 61 days, Cardano will be completely in the hands of stake pool operators. On March, 31, all of the blocks on the cardano network will be produced by independent stake pool operators IO HK the company behind cardano will no longer participate in block production. This is good, this is what you want to see making cardano the only truly decentralized blockchain network on the market I disagree with that sentence.

In fact, that sentence is not correct. Either way, Cardano is becoming more and more decentralized and they're doing what you would want them to do if you're a Cardano believer. And now that we're in a bull market. This is what retail wants. So, Cardano makes number six on our list. This is Cardano is price history it's making higher highs it's making higher lows prepare for pullbacks. We actually have a bonus coin on our list today Cosmos actually had seven coins.

I think cosmos is about to have a good February, I'm going to clue you in as to why if you're unfamiliar with Cosmos cosmos is a dual-layer network that enables token data and asset exchanges between blockchains each chain on the network operates independently. So interoperable but still independent Cosmos hubs validate on-chain transactions and earn atom through staking Adam is the native cryptocurrency token for the cosmos network.

If you want to know why I'm including them on this list why I think they're going to have a bullish February, check this out. In February, the Stargate upgrade for Cosmos will include the release of the inter blockchain communication protocol IBC, which will turn interoperability from an idea into a production-ready reality.

So this is a big thing. By the way, the block has mapped out a total of 143 projects across 17 different verticals, currently developing on the cosmos ecosystem. So cosmos is not a dead chain, it is definitely one to watch. This is Cosmo's full price history. So, it kind of looks bullish kind of starting to consolidate near the highs.

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