CRYPTOCURRENCIES LIST | Here we will see the trending 15 cryptocurrencies full list in 2021 other than  bitcoin,litecoin,ethereum,buxcoin..etc.

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cryptocurrencies list


Hey cryptocurrency lover, how's it going? Today I want to review the top 15 cryptocurrencies by market cap. As everyone's kind of seen in the last couple of days and weeks cryptocurrency and especially Bitcoin has made a bit of a comeback. You're starting to hear people in the news, the Bitcoin pizza guys back, you look at Google Trends for Bitcoin and you're seeing that over the last 12 months.

Most people talking about it in the last week or so I want to figure out if people are actually using these currencies, do they actually serve a purpose? Are they just clones of existing ideas that are being done better elsewhere? There's a lot of overlap, obviously, in the cryptocurrency space, and I think it'd be a little fun to take a little surface level dive into the top 15 cryptocurrencies and give him a bit of a ranking and see how many people that can piss off in the process looking at you ripple fans.


Alright, so number 15, on this list, is Iota. And Iota has been a little cryptocurrency it's been around since 2016. It's actually not like other cryptocurrencies because it doesn't run on a blockchain. It runs on a thing called a tangle. So because it's 2019 and blockchain is just too simple for most people.

The Iota team has gone out of their way to create a thing called a tangle. And untangle is interesting because what they claim is actually the more people that use their network, the faster it gets for everyone.

Alright, so I'm not big in Iota. I obviously don't know a ton about it. But why don't we just look up the Iota use case? Alright. So the first result when you look up, Iota use case is a thread on Reddit, of somebody asking what the use case for Iota is. Alrighty. So that's not very helpful.


We can look up a Yodacryptocurrency, Wikipedia. Where did the Wikipedia page for Iota go? Alright, so this is a billion-dollar technology in coin market cap, and they don't even have a Wikipedia entry. I think you guys have some work to do. If you have a multibillion-dollar technology, and you've got a team of dozens and even hundreds of people working on your platform, the least you can do is get a little Wikipedia entry or something.

 So that people can actually figure out what you're doing in the first place. Maybe I'm just ignorant, but that's just my opinion. I think it's a little silly not to have that. I'm gonna give Iota.


Okay, so number 14 is dash cryptocurrency and the dash is nice, there's some effort if you go to dash it's very clear with dash is supposed to be it's a cryptocurrency for setting value, basically, you know, get paid shot pay bills, if people really want their cryptocurrencies to be used more than just cyberpunks on the internet, you got to start with the basics.

And that is on your website have a very clear accessible app so that people can start using and purchasing dash. I can just scroll right down here get dash, I can find an ATM and this is awesome. I think any cryptocurrency that is meant to be used as a payment platform or token should have integration like this on their website. I should be able to just click right on page. And I can go to my local city of Vancouver and I can find exactly where I can buy dash, they got very low fees one second transaction times.

You know, there's a bit of controversy around the pre-mine, but because it has the usability of very clear usability factor to it. Alright.


So number 13 on the list, we have Bitcoin SV. And I'm just going to delist that one and then we'll talk about Monero.


So number 12 is monero. monero is sort of this anonymous coin. People use it to buy drugs online. I'm actually pretty surprised It's so high on the list. It's got like an over a billion-dollar market cap. If you're a heroin hooker and Hitman it might be the cryptocurrency for you. But if your name isn't John McAfee should probably just stick to Bitcoin.

Sit on this hammock. The hammock has a hole and put in a hammock. And after he lays on the hammock, then you know he would cut a little hole and he would sit their women get shit on a lot in our culture. You know what that's like? I do if john McAfee is reading this. Don't be offended. We all have weird fetishes.

Some of ours just taste better than others. I'm gonna give you a narrow. I'm gonna give monero. All right.


So Tron is another smart contract cryptocurrency. It started off on the Ethereum blockchain as an Icon kind of split off did its own thing. And to its credit, people are actually using it quite a bit. There's a lot of decentralized gambling applications on it. But if you had to ask me what makes it different from a theory we’re iOS I couldn't really tell you greetings programs. I'm the Tron guy. And if you've been around the internet much at all you and there's one big glaring problem with Tron and it is Justin sun.

He's a relentless self-promoter and speculator. He's constantly dunking on other people in the crypto space, not really adding anything really constructive to the dialogue around cryptocurrency or its adoption in my opinion. And I'll give you an example. He posted an image a little while back, comparing Tron to Ethereum.

He's the same guy who says Oh, we don't really care about the price of Tron our official cryptocurrency, but the ranking of our cryptographic currency protocol which has been rising, and then a couple months later he goes on to post Tron will be back in the top 10 in June. Bit Torrent will be top 30 in q2.

 Let's wait and see. Here's the thing with Tron though is they've actually been busted multiple times for stealing parts of other white papers into their own. They've stolen code. People have been bribed within the agency and they've left and they've claimed fraud and stuff. And straight from the Tron white paper. One of the first things it says is Tron is an attempt to heal the internet.

This is not what healing the internet looks like. This is a shameless self-promoter trying to boost his own ego and currency by trying to sell water to an ocean. And for that, I'm gonna give Tron.


Alright now about Cardano. So if you go to the Cardano website. Cardano is a decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency project and is fully open source. I should take a shot every time someone says that it is the first blockchain platform to evolve out of the scientific philosophy and our research is the first driven approach.

So if you're sick of cypherpunks, or Justin sun, maybe this is a cryptocurrency for you. At the end of the day, though, it's really just another smart contract platform with a different set of job qualifications behind it. And worst of all, it's actually miles behind Ethereum, EOS, and Tron in terms of usability. The smart contract component of Cardano isn't even live yet after the cryptocurrency has been out for two years.

If I wanted right now to invest myself into Cardano as a user, not a coder or developer, there's nothing here that I can really do. There's no apps, you know, that are being used on it right now. You know, there's nothing to really do with it. It's not really a functional cryptocurrency. It's a speculative technology that is way, early. So I'm gonna give Cardano.


Alright, so number 9 on the list is stellar lumens. Stellar Lumens is a forked version of ripple, from one of ripples co-founders, Jed McCaleb. Basically, the use case for stellar is it's a medium of exchange for sending currencies around the globe instead of things like Venmo and PayPal, which is kind of cumbersome and take a lot of fees. Sound familiar? Yes. Because 100 other or maybe 1000 other cryptocurrencies doing the same thing.

So what makes stellar different? I don't really know. And it seems like nobody really cares, because the stellar network was actually down for two hours the other day, and nobody noticed at all. And that's because nobody's using it. So I don't really see much of a unique value proposition and stellar. Again, I love for people to correct me in these comments. There's people who know a lot more about some of these cryptocurrencies than I do tell me a little bit more about stellar what makes this special maybe I'll change my ranking or my idea.


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All right, so number 8 on this list is by Binance Coin (BNB) Okay, so here's one I can actually get a little bit excited about. Every Bitcoin maximalist out there claims that no other cryptocurrency or blockchain really has any value or any use case. And I can agree kind of with that sentiment for the most part. But if you want to meet one coin that proves that sentiment completely wrong. Meet by Nance coin, by owning the by Nance coin, and that's on the preface that you're using by Nance as a cryptocurrency exchange, you get access to things like voting rights, you get access to capital raises, you can list your own tokens on their decentralized platform by holding a certain amount of by Nance. And of course, you get a reduction in fees that was kind of the initial use case for by Nance out of the gate by Nance is the only cryptocurrency that's been around since 2017 that has actually hit New all-time highs after falling 70 80% and that's because people are actually using it. And on a superficial side note, one of the things that I've always noticed about successful cryptocurrency founders is they have huge melons for heads. It's a little bit judgmental. But Chang pings owl, who founded by Nance created the fastest growing unicorn.

 And that's a company to go to a billion-dollar valuation. So much volume billions of dollars flowing in and out of their exchange every single day. And it wasn't even here in 2016. And now it's kind of taken over the entire crypto space.

That's not by accident. You know, it's the free market dictating the most useful thing and the most, most accessible platform wins.


Alright, so the next Number 7 one is a tether. And tether is a stable coin issued by the founders of bitfenix. The idea is that each one of the tether dollars is backed by a real US dollar or equivalent. And it always retains its value at more or less $1, maybe 99 cents, maybe $1. And here's the thing. For some reason, the tether is the most controversial coin in almost all of the cryptocurrency space. And I don't really get it, because to me tether is doing exactly what the US dollar has been doing for decades.

I'll give you an example. Oh, but they're printing new tethers out of thin air. Yeah. Have you heard of quantitative easing? The Federal Reserve has been doing this for years and nobody bats an eye.

Oh, but tether is not backed by US dollars. There's no proof of an audit. Yeah.

And the US dollar has been off the gold standard for 40 years. At this point, if you don't like it, don't use it. Right? Nobody's holding a gun to your head. It does its job. And that's that and for that reason, I'm actually gonna give tether.


All right, number 6 on this list is eosio. Eosio a decentralized cryptocurrency run by 21 block producers. So that's cool. It's just another one of these smart contract platforms. It's basically like a spinoff of Ethereum but it's just like Tron, so I'm going to compare it to Tron. Honestly, so many of these cryptocurrencies have so little in terms of defining differences in their use cases that I'm just gonna judge them on superficial measures.

So the founder's name is Dan Larimer. He's also one of those big brain guys. It's probably wise cryptocurrencies, ranked number six. He's not much of a drama queen though compared to Justin sun, so that's good. Also, EOS and Tron have very similar logos. iOS one's got a couple more polygons and the Tron logo. So I think technically, it's a little bit better.


 Okay, so Number 5  is Litecoin it's a very famous one we're getting into the big boys now. Litecoin is the number five cryptocurrency It was one of the first cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin is probably like the second oldest on this list. And so if you want Litecoin in a nutshell, basically all the features that Bitcoin gets like lightning network Litecoin kind of tries them out first.


 And it's kind of fun like that. So it'll test around. The thing I love about Charlie Lee, though is he's always out in the open, and he's the founder of Litecoin. And he put out a tweet exactly two days before the top of Bitcoin, where he said, buying Litecoin is extremely risky, I expect us to have a multiyear bear market like the one we just had, where *Litecoin dropped 90% in value $48 to $4. If you can't handle Litecoin, dropping $20 don't buy. And I love it. The first comment on his remark is not one person asked you, Charlie, why you expect a multiyear bear market, a term that most have no idea what it is.

 But I'll ask why, especially with the CBO II and all these involvement and the fact that these are on everyone's radar screens, I get consolidation, but bear market. We're a Google CEO come out and say don't buy Google because it's a risky investment and can go down 80% Well, it would seem that Litecoin did go down exactly around 90% to about $20. So I think a lot of the innovations when it came to the lightning network, a lot of credit is due to Charlie Lee and the team behind Litecoin So because of that, because of its data celebrating Bitcoin and because it is pretty great for just moving cash around exchanges pretty simply. I'm gonna give Litecoin A, B.


All right, number 4 on this list is Bitcoin cash but instead of me blabbing about it, I'm gonna let Roger vere, the de facto leader of the currency take it away.


Bitcoin cash is an upgraded version of the Bitcoin Core software. The best part is that Bitcoin cash is a hassle free I'm being insulted I don't need to be insulted by you I have enough money I was a self-made multi-millionaire before I ever got involved in Bitcoin everything's okay. Or in beautiful you know, the Mediterranean with wonderful weather and more babies are dying in countries around the world because they have less economic freedom and Bitcoin is alive and well in the form of Bitcoin cash.

So what are you waiting for? Make life simple by getting Bitcoin cash now.


So yeah, if you don't like Bitcoin cash, you're probably a shill and I'm gonna give it See, there are two types of people who like a ripple, those who forgive Brian Kelly for going on national TV and showing everyone how to buy it at $2.60. And those who are bank enterprises who actually use it, and I'm willing to guess that most people reading this article are not the latter, to give a bit of a use case idea for ripple, some currency exchanges don't let you convert Australian dollars to Zimbabwe dollars.

 And so what you would do is you would convert Australian dollars to US dollars, and then US dollars to Zimbabwe dollars. But in the process, you pay all these big fees, and it kind of takes a while, maybe a couple days, maybe a couple of weeks. The idea is that you would use XRP as an intermediary instead of the US dollar.

 And it would be faster and more fluid. And they're building a bit of an ecosystem in that regard. But the thing with ripple is, again, it's one of these cryptocurrencies that doesn't actually run on a blockchain. I don't know why it needs to be something in the cryptocurrency community, I don't know why they can't just have it as a commoditized asset. It seems that everything that goes on with ripple is involved with Ripple Labs, and they actually hold 70% of the total supply. So for me, it doesn't really make sense as an investment. It's it's kind of like people who would look at forex as an investment, like, Oh, I'm gonna buy, you know, US dollars and make a ton when the rate goes up.

The value proposition just makes no sense for me on ripple, you know, and it's so big. And it looks like a fidget spinner.


So number 2 is Ethereum. I've already told you about what it is, so I won't go over it again.  That's like an orange on a toothpick, you're gonna get the boy complex. Oh, that's a huge no again. On a more serious note, though, a theorem is a tough one to really rank because, by some metrics, it's incredibly further ahead than most other cryptocurrencies.

They have incredibly high transaction volume more than Bitcoin, I believe. But they're also consistently behind on their roadmap and their own version of proof of stake. But here's the thing is they have the most developers out of all the cryptocurrency ecosystems. And there are a lot of really cool projects that have come out of ethereum.

You have all those other side chains like EOSIO and Tron, and whether you like them or not, you can't really deny that if it wasn't for Ethereum, a lot of these things wouldn't be where they are today. There's things like maker down, where you can create these decentralized loans, which are really cool. It's the number two cryptocurrency for a reason, and maybe they aren't the quickest on their feet. But they are the number one smart contract platform, they've got the most developers, they're a behemoth.

I don't see that changing, and so much in terms of enterprise have already committed to using ethereum as their blockchain of choice.

So nothing else would be on this list here, obviously, if it wasn't for Bitcoin, but nowadays the conversation of Bitcoin has shifted away from it being this way to kind of send money and it to be this kind of digital store of value, sort of like digital gold. And that's fine. I'm not sure that is exactly what Satoshi imagined in his white paper, and that's probably the reason there are so many different forks of Bitcoin. But as the founder of Bitcoin, Craig Wright would say, I'm just kidding with you.

I wouldn't do that. Any almost any of the top 15 coins on the list that I've gone over, they can send value and they can send currency faster and cheaper than Bitcoin currency. And while there is a fair share of personalities involved in Bitcoin, none of them really dominate the narrative, especially Craig Wright, because Bitcoin to this day is the most decentralized, the most scarce, and the most tried and tested any of the cryptocurrencies on this list.

Nothing would exist if it wasn't for the big momma Bitcoin. Lots of people have called it dead over and over and over the last 10 years, it's done everything and prove them wrong. I think the only currency I can say without a doubt that is going to outlive me and every single person reading this article is Bitcoin it's gonna be here when we're long dead. I'm gonna give Bitcoins it's very special it's dear to my heart. So yeah, so we got Bitcoin we got by Nance we got a theorem we got daft but tether we got Litecoin we got Bitcoin cash, we got ripple Iota will narrow Cardano iOS, Tron and stellar lumens. It's a pretty cool band. Oh yeah, there's also Bitcoin SV, somewhere in the distance here.

 Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this silly little helpful article. If you want to see more, feel free to share, comment. If for some reason you want to donate money to me. But yeah, keep it cool, and I'll see you in the next one.

Conclude  - Here I have shared all the topmost best 15 cryptocurrencies list which is currently shaking the market. so why are you waiting do you want to make your money fast then it’s time for you to make double, triple.

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